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About Us
Everyones Geek is a Custom Website Design and Remote Support company based in Sacramento California. We strive to provide our customers with everything they need in website design and remote support while providing great customer service..
Remote Support
Everyone’s Geek has a Remote Support service to our customers Our staff can work on a number of PC issues such as virus / spyware / popups / installs / pc tuneups...see more

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Remote Training
Everyone’s Geek has Remote One on One Training to our customers.We can provide many levels of training on a various software ...see more

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Website Design
A custom website can be as individualistic as the latest fashion. The secret is to create a custom design that fits who you are as a person or business while still providing functionality and quick loading for the non-broadband surfers...see more
Website Portfolio

These are some of our lastest creations...see more

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Everyone’s Geek is a professional technical support company that provides remote computer support and custom website design.  Our staff has had years of experience in support and website design.  We are a small company that still holds that long forgotten concept called customer service.

Everyone’s Geek provides remote support and training services to assist people with their everyday computer tasks or in a response to an event such as a virus or new software you need to learn. We can connect to your computer after a series of security check and a final approval by you. This connection allows our support staff to see your screen and manipulate your keyboard/mouse as if we are sitting at your computer.

Everyone’s Geek provides custom website design and ecommerce website design services. We can help you find a domain name at a great price, setup your web hosting and email, create a custom website to fit your needs, and finish off your site with Search Engine Optimization.

Here is what some of our customers say

“…their remote support is the coolest thing, they connected to my computer and did a bunch of stuff to make my computer run faster…”

“... I don’t know what SEO is, but Everyone’s Geek sure does! They had our site near the top of the search engines and did it ever increase our new customers…”

“…I needed to know more Microsoft Office products for work and did not have the time for some computer class. I called Everyone’s Geek and they connected to my computer to show how to do what I needed to do…”

“…I tried ANOTHER custom website design company first, big mistake. After thre months of hearing ‘we are working on it’ and thousands of dollars, I got fed up and found Everyone’s Geek… they had us up within a week…”

“… I was a little worried about letting some tech access to my computer with their remote support, but after several security checks including typing in a nine digit support number and me still having to click ok to let them connect to my PC helped me feel more secure. The tech told me I could stop the remote control at anytime by clicking stop sharing screen… I did it once just to see what would happen… the tech was quickly disconnected… I should have expected great security from software created by Citrix…”

 “…I did not even know how to use a computer, but Everyone’s Geek set everything up for my business to be online…”

If you are thinking about a website for your business or need technical support contact us to see what we can do for you!

Total Support Package

Remote Special
Custom Website Design Sacramento- - Just $35 / hr - -
- Viruses / Spyware / PopUps
- Installs - Printer / Cameras
- PC TuneUps / Updates
- Training - Office / Internet

Website Special
Custom Website Design Sacramento- - Just $695 - -
- 6 Page Custom Website
- Domain Name for 1 year
- 1 Year Hosting
- 50 Email Addresses

Total Support Package- - Starting at $250 - -
- Custom Splash Page
- Shopping Cart
- Setup and Configuration
- Website Hosting for 1 yr
- 5 Email Addresses


Everyone’s Geek offers basic Search engine optimization with every website we create. We also provide this service for other websites too...see more

Website Upgrades

Is your website in need of a little help? We can update your site or even add new features to get everything you can from your site. Contact us for more information on what we can do for you...see more

Custom Graphics

As a custom website designer, we often create custom graphics to round off a nice web site. This is one of the many things that make Everyones Geek your first choice in a webmaster...see more